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Empowering Authentic Leadership and Inclusion

Charlotte Søndergaard, Denmark’s pioneering Diversity Lead, is a leading coach, consultant, and speaker in the Nordic region. With her extensive expertise in Human Development, strengths, and DEEI (Diversity, Equity, Equality, and Inclusion), Charlotte is dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace their authentic selves and excel in diverse, inclusive environments. She is particularly passionate about advocating for increased representation of women in leadership roles.

Why Choose Charlotte?

Charlotte’s dynamic and engaging speaking style delivers thought-provoking sessions that challenge the status quo and inspire action. Her talks explore critical topics such as unconscious bias and conscious inclusion, sparking meaningful conversations and driving positive change.

Key Speaker Topics
  1. Who is Doing the Office Housework? From Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion!" Uncover the hidden biases that shape workplace dynamics and learn strategies for fostering a culture of conscious inclusion.

  2. Own Your Career. Lean Into Your Strengths and Be Intentional! Take control of your career journey by leveraging your strengths and cultivating intentionality in your actions. Empower yourself to shape your professional path with confidence.

  3. Develop Your Own Authentic Leadership Identity! Dive into the essence of authentic leadership and learn how to cultivate your unique leadership style. Discover the power of authenticity in driving personal and organizational success.

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Sofia Elamson, Seniorrådgiver,

Nordisk Energiforskning, Norway

Charlotte is an excellent speaker and very pleasant and professional to work with. After her presentation at the Nordic Energy Equality Conference in Oslo, several participants gave the organisers feedback on how her talk had motivated them and making them gain new insights. Charlotte feels really passionate about what she does and manages to communicate it both with                                 humor and seriousness. Highly recommended!                                                     
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