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Charlotte Søndergaard have a solid DEEI toolbox from working as the first Diversity Lead in Denmark and as an experienced coach, consultant and speaker cross Nordic. DEEI and especially how we can help women feel empowered and achieving more women in leadership positions is her passion.

Speaker content:

- Who is doing the office housework?

- Likeability trap.

- Own your career. Be intentional.

- From unconscious bias to conscious inclusion.

- Develop your own authentic leadership identity.

Happy Clients

Sofia Elamson, Seniorrådgiver, Nordisk Energiforskning, Norway

Charlotte is an excellent speaker and very pleasant and professional to work with. After her presentation at the Nordic Energy Equality Conference in Oslo, several participants gave the organisers feedback on how her talk had motivated them and making them gain new insights. Charlotte feels really passionate about what she does and manages to communicate it both with humor and seriousness. Highly recommended!                                                     

Inspiration to Empowerment

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