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Our story

Authentic Leaders was founded and is owned by Charlotte Søndergaard, Copenhagen 2019.

We are experienced leaders and certified coaches, empowering clients from around the world to become successful authentic leaders. Operating from Copenhagen, we offer coaching, speaking engagements, and program facilitation, including 'Becoming an Authentic Leader.' We collaborate with some of the leading organizations.

We are among the most experienced strengths coaches in the Nordic region. With deep theoretical and practical insight into Human Development and DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging), we specialize in leadership. Our passion lies in empowering our clients, and we take joy in witnessing their development and successes. Our services are tailored to assist leaders in developing their leadership identity, owning their career, being intentional, achieving their aspirations, and thriving professionally and personally.

We don't believe in 'fixing' women. Instead, we believe in coaching them to become authentic and impactful leaders who can take ownership of their aspirations and break down the barriers in their way. We understand and navigate structures that make it more challenging for women to succeed as leaders and attain senior leadership positions.

We collaborate with both individuals and organizations and are more than happy to facilitate our programs, such as 'Becoming an Authentic Leader' and 'Power of Intention,' along with individual coaching sessions for you or your organization.


Let's collaborate. Together, we can make it happen.

Charlotte Søndergaard

Owner and Founder of Authentic Leaders 

I am an empowerment coach, facilitator, and speaker dedicated to helping you take ownership of your career, fostering authenticity, intentionality, and achieving your career aspirations. 

DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) and how we can empower our clients to aim for leadership positions and succeed as leaders are central to my passion. I am particularly focused on helping organizations achieve greater representation of women in leadership roles.

I coach leaders within organizations and bring a robust DEIB toolbox, having served as the first Diversity Lead within an organization in Denmark. With extensive experience as a coach, facilitator, consultant, and speaker across the Nordic region, I am one of the most experienced strengths coaches in the Nordic area and hold an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology from University of East London.

Charlotte Søndergaard, Authentic Leaders, Coach, speaker and Facilitator
Female Leadership, Charlotte Søndergaard Coach

Let's Work Together

You are more than welcome to contact us for questions related to our services and potential collaboration.

We can make it happen!

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