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Female Leadership Christmas Calendar

Authentic Leaders
Christmas Calendars

We wants to use this festive season to celebrate some of the many female leaders within their field in Denmark and cross Nordic who are an inspiration to all of us. All 24 women are sustainable authentic inclusive leaders with a courageous, compassionate, and strength-based leadership style who are making a difference every day.


We believe that we are in the middle of a transformation where we all need to meet the world with growth mindset, authenticity and aim to make a difference. Be true advocates of hope, kindness, gratitude and contributing to a sustainable authentic inclusive culture and world wherever we are.


The female talent in Denmark and Nordic is vast and we could easily produce a calendar of talent every month. There are no excuses for not celebrating, promoting and give women the chance to flourish on all levels. We all need to move from unconscious bias to conscious inclusion of all talent.

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