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Own your career, Authentic Leaders, Charlotte Søndergaard, Coach

Own Your Future

The program 'Own Your Future' will help you become empowered to flourish, achieve your aspirations and take authentic ownership. You will experience an individually designed coaching program that is tailormade for you and will help you accelerate your growth and achievements. Stop talking, dreaming, being disappointed and become intentional with your actions and ownership of your talent, career, and wellbeing.

This transformational program will help you manifest and utilize your potential and levitate your career. It is all about you. You will have your own coach who will challenge and support your development through the entire program:

  • Find your authentic power.

  • Feel empowered and be intentional.

  • Create your own safe space.

  • Lean into your potential and strengths.

  • Unlearn behaviors and thought patterns that no longer serve you.

  • Prioritize your wellbeing.

  • Understand how organizational structures are challenging and holding you back and be strategic.

  • Stop overthinking and escape the likability trap - show self-compassion.

  • Become a natural influencer who makes an impact without compromising yourself and your life.

  • Take ownership of your career and future.

You will receive a CliftonStrength assessment with a feedback coaching session, and 10 coaching sessions with your own coach who will help you manifest aspirations, elevate potential and owning your career.

Contact us if you are ready to stand in your own power, upgrade your career or want to know more about this empowering program. Please be aware this program is only for you if you are willing to own your talent and take needed actions to transform your career or reaching out for a leadership position.

Our clients appreciate our ability to facilitate a challenging, trustworthy, and impactful transformation. We only offer this program to a limit number of women to make sure that you get our undivided attention and an impactful experience.

We coach in Danish or English. The price for this coaching program is DKK 35.000 exclusive of VAT.

You can read more about the program in our blog 'Own Your Future', and you are more than welcome to contact us.

Charlotte is an incredible coach who helps you discover your own style of leadership to excel in professional life rather than the traditional approach to put things in rigid boxes of the ideal way!

Priyanka Sharma

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