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Embracing the Summer Break to Reflect on Your Leadership: A Coach's Perspective

As a coach, I often discuss with clients how to use the summer break to evaluate their leadership and brand. Embracing this opportunity for self-discovery and transformation can set the stage for a fresh start and continued development.

This period is ideal for seeking feedback and reflecting on your leadership style. How aligned are your actions with the authentic leader you want to be or become? Embracing self-awareness and making necessary changes can help you align with your integrity, values, purpose, and strengths. Additionally, cultivating a culture of psychological safety and belonging allows others to thrive, feel safe to express ideas, and take risks.

Embracing this opportunity can set the stage for a fresh start and growth post-summer. Apply these questions for self-evaluation to strengthen your leadership and cultivate a psychologically safe culture with a sense of belonging for all.

Why Am I a Leader?

Reflect on why you chose to become a leader to align your actions with your core values and purpose. Consider:

  • What inspired me to take on a leadership role?

  • What drives my passion for leading others?

  • How do these motivations influence my leadership style and decisions?

Seeking Feedback

Seek feedback from your team, peers, and leaders. Understanding others' perceptions can provide valuable insights. Consider:

  • What feedback have I received that resonates with my leadership goals?

  • How can I use this feedback to grow and improve?

  • What areas do others see as my strengths and weaknesses?

Taking Action for a Fresh Start

Identify the most important actions to enhance your leadership. Set clear, actionable goals:

  • What key areas should I focus on to improve my leadership?

  • How can I better support and empower my team members?

  • What new practices can I implement to make a positive impact?

Encouragement and Empowerment

As you reflect on your leadership, remember the importance of being curious and open to learning more about yourself as a leader. You do not need to do this on your own. Feel free to reach out to me for personalized coaching that empowers you to become an authentic, strengths-based leader who takes ownership, is intentional, and leads with integrity and values. Together, we can create a significant strategic impact.

Let’s make a strategic difference and set the stage for a fresh start and continued growth. Embrace this opportunity to become the inspiring leader you aspire to be. Contact me today to begin your transformative leadership journey.


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