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Are you aiming to be well-rounded or a star?

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

How playing to your strengths can be a game changer in your daily performance and career.

Have you ever experienced a leader or internal career coach who was busier pointing out your weaknesses or areas of approvement than helping you utilizing and investing in your strengths? If yes, you are not alone. Most of us have or are experiencing this leadership style that can diminish our talent and career opportunities. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to own your strengths, career and being intentional. Your strengths are your power, energy and potential for becoming a leadership star and not a well-rounded service function.

All of us can benefit from identifying our strengths. Knowing, appreciating, and understanding your strengths can help you develop and identify your authentic leadership style. Give you the opportunity for self-reflection, self-development and self-compassion. Feel empowered and have courage and confidence to accept leadership opportunities to a larger degree and succeed. Playing to your strengths will help you feel self-assured and create a more meaningful and purposeful career path and stronger collaborations. Furthermore, you are more likely to feel respected, well-rested and have enough energy to get things done according to Gallup research.

A strength-based approach will help you learn and unlearn how to make a significant contribution and acknowledge how to enhance collaboration and compassion. Help you behave with more curiosity and respect towards others and their strengths. Typical conflicts are more likely to be limited, avoided, or easily resolved due to a more respectful attitude towards each other’s strengths. E.G. An individual with Communication naturally speaks up and likes to share various stories and information. An individual with Deliberative is the opposite. They are more likely to only speak up when they have relevant and important information and are risk averse. These two individuals can easily come into conflict if they don’t understand each other’s strengths. However, they are each other’s best friends because they complement each other.

Playing to your strengths can be the gamechanger you need in the process of wanting to become a leader, in the creation of a leadership identity or thriving as a leader. Your strength assessment results can help you feel empowered and argue for more relevant tasks and assignment in your conversations with leaders and career coaches in regular check-ins or performance conversations. It can become your golden ticket to being a star, intentional and owning your career.

There are different tools and methodologies on how to identify strengths. We recommend and use CliftonStrengths due to how applicable this methodology is to apply in an organizational setting. Feel free to contact us if you would like to play to your strengths. We will only be happy to help you feel empowered and shine bright.


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